Are our courses professionally recognised?

No, they are not. Anybody can perform this profession even after a 2 day course. That is why it is very important that you can fall back on a sound education. In such an artistic profession as this one it is all about your abilities. Quality is catchy and if you have got it you will succeed.

What are the demands on a Make-Up Artist?

A Make-Up Artist often works in a high pressure environment. Also creativity and a gift for improvisation are required.  We will provide you with the technical knowledge in order to deal with these situations.

What are the chances of success in this industry?

To prevail in the photo, advertisement, fashion and media industry as a Make-Up Artist or Visagiste you should always keep an eye on the latest developments and your ears to the ground to be up to date with the latest trends which in turn will make you flexible in your thinking and attitude. The most important requirement is you appear to enjoy your work and have a constant willingness to learn in order to put your knowledge into practice and to master your job. There is also a lot of hard work in the beginning, but it’s worth it. If you keep going you will succeed.

How do I get my foot in the door?

In the beginning it is very important to get practical experience. Check out various work fields (film, photo, catwalk, …). You should get in touch with photographers and establish connections as early as possible because many of them intend to collaborate for the longer term.

Is there a chance to get financial benefits?

Financial sponsorship is only granted on rare occasions as these courses are considered as private education. However, asking the appropriate bodies can never hurt.

I  intend to start my own business –  will I get financial benefits to assist me in the beginning?
Yes, in most cases. For people intending to do so in Germany go to the office in charge (e.g. Employment agency).
Also see http://www.muenchen.ihk.de/de/starthilfe/

Are there any special requirements to be admitted to our school?

No, there are not. It is important that the students enjoy the course and have fun working later on. You should however provide some willingness to learn. Needless to say that a professional education as a beautician or a hairdresser is an advantage but it is not a requirement.

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